The “CASALE DI POLLINE” is immersed in the green of the agricultural farm between lakes Bracciano and Martignano. It offers spectacular scenery for your marriage to make it an unforgettable event. Set on the summit of a hill, it leans out on the splendid panorama of the entire Lake Bracciano and it is surrounded by a sweet poetic landscape. An ideal frame to make your wedding special. The privileged position offers enchanting sceneries and particularly spectacular sunsets to create unique emotions for the one day that will not be forgotten. 

The Casale has recently been turned into a location for marriages and events. It has belonged to the same family for over one century. Still today the owners are maintaining the native characteristics of the place with taste and simplicity, they will help you to realize your dreams. They will suggest for you the most appropriate preparations for your desires. The ample external spaces are well taken care of and the characteristic of the place is graciously silent and is also made more pleasant with the perfume of lavender wafting through the air. 

The owners make the Casale a place of sure charm for a special marriage.The elegant inside spaces include an ancient wine cellar, a majestic porch and the saloon with fireplace endowed with a great glass door that offers a panoramic view of Anguillara Sabazia. On the cultivated fields and on the wide hills, they can comfortably entertain 120 -150 people. All the spaces are for the total and exclusive use for the whole day of your event. Annexed to the Casale there is a small consecrated chapel devoted to the Virgin Mary of the Holy Rosary. For the organization of your events the owners will coordinate catering among the most trusted, known and qualified in the business.


Along the lakes Bracciano and Martignano on the summit of a hill the ancient “CASALE DI POLLINE” is found, with a feel to central nucleus of the seventeenth century. The splendid panoramic position that entirely dominates Lake Bracciano is ideal scenery meant for every type of event: including but not limited to marriages, baptisms, communions and fantastic for receptions, birthdays, graduations, reunions and business meetings.

The “CASALE DI POLLINE” is the optimal place for events that need ample spaces to enjoy the open poetic landscape. With the atmosphere at “CASALE DI POLLINE” there is always a flood of charm with the frame of the wide cultivated fields, the hills with the herds in the pasture, the woods of oaks and secular trees. They organize fairs, business events of every type, sporting demonstrations, concerts and a plethora of outdoor activities. The elegant inside, with the fireplace and the ancient wine cellar leans out from one side in the court of the Casale and from the other one a view of Anguillara Sabazia castled on the lake. The ample inside saloon allows to comfortably entertain 120 -150 people

The Casale only entertains one event per day on the ample grounds. The scenic location would be well used for cinema sets and advertising settings. For the organization of your events the owners will coordinate catering among the most trusted, known and qualified in the business.


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