The “CASALE DI POLLINE” is part of the current farm “Polline” which was bought by PietroDi Domenico, grandfather of the current owners, in the year 1906. The property was called "Polline, Stracciacappe and St. Catherine." In the "Analysis Antiques of the Charter of the outskirts of Rome" by Antonio Nibby a distinguished scholar of the topography of the Roman countryside, it is reported that in a manuscript of Pope Leo IX of 1053, “Polline” is confirmed as property to the Vatican Basilica. In this regard the author argues "the name Polline came from a temple of Apollo, which would agree to the location of the house situated on a high hill, overlooking Lake Bracciano." See. Volume III, 118 ed. II 1849.

At the request of Pietro Di Domenico the chapel was built and dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Holy Rosary. The chapel attached to the house is dependent on Regina Pacis Parish of Bracciano Lake. Until the 1960‘s there were many families living on the farm which hosted the State Elementary School for the children of those working on the property and the children that lived in the neighborhood.


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