Via di Polline, snc

00123 - Rome

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  • Take the Cassia Veientana (Cassia bis) direction Viterbo

  • Go out at 35 Km direction Trevignano, Anguillara Sabazia

  • go ahead for 7 km Via Settevene-Palo

  • when arrive at the lake, go to Anguillara Sabazia

  • go straight to Lungolago for 1,5 Km

  • Turn left on Via di Polline, Casale di Polline, lago Martignano

  • go straight to dirt road for 1 km, in the top of the hill turn right 


  • Take the A91 Rome / Fiumicino Airport highway direction Rome

  • Take the GRA exit towards E35 / Firenze / Aurelia

  • After about 22km take the GRA exit number 5 - SS2 Bis towards Cassia Veientana / Viterbo

  • Continue on SR2bis for about 25km

  • Take the exit towards Trevignano / Mazzano

  • Turn left onto SP37 / SP4 / a Via Settevene Palo

  • After about 6km Turn left and take Lungolago di Polline / SP12b

  • After about 1km Turn left and take Via di Polline (dirt road)

  • At the end of the climb Turn right direction Casale di polline



The farm of Polline, a few kilometers from Rome, it is inserted in the "Regional Natural Parkof Bracciano-Martignano." The territory extends out along the two lakes, among pastures, woods, olive-groves and sowed and irrigated hills.

The breeding of livstock has been tradition of the “CASALE” since the 1900’s. In 1960 Maremmana had been crossed with bulls imported by the French race Charolaise and so, after eight generations of intersections, Alfred Di Domenico has gotten the recognition in purity of the race Italian Charolaise.

The primary activities of the “CASALE” since the 1960’s has been aimed exclusively at the breeding and selection of a breed of cattle called Charolaise. The breed is specialized for the production of meat originating in France. The breed has been chosen for its particular characteristics of hardiness, docility, ease of birthing, pronounced maternal attitudes, adaptability to climate conditions and a tendency to produce high quality meat. The cows are fertilized in a natural manner by the bulls of the “CASALE” which are regularly enrolled in the “Register bulls enabled to natural fertilization.” (ANACLI) All the animals are registered in the herd book of ANACLI (Association Naz. Breeders Bovine Races Charolaise and Limousine which certifies the quality and assists the farmers in the selection of the race.

The sowed grounds are cultivated with corn, sorghum and medical grass to feed the livestock. The mild climate and the zone of volcanic origin allow the cultivation of the broccolettis of Anguillara.


R I V A  DI  P O L L I N E

The land of the “CASALE DI POLLINE” extends along the shore of Lake Bracciano, that stretches over several hectares. Riva di Polline is naturalistic archaeological area where you can partake in birdwatching, open air or spend the whole day relaxing or going down the path of a trail in an enjoyable uncontaminated atmosphere.

We wait you in the summer periods from the morning to the sunset, a separated area is dedicate to the dogs.

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Via di Polline, snc

00123 - Roma

Tel. 335.8140427 | 328.8264591